The basic line of research covers the following three areas of analytic philosophy:

  • philosophy of language and mind (the problem of relavance; Vít Gvoždiak; the problem of consciousness, its material foundation, its phenomenal properties, the constitution and identification of thought contents, theory of emotions, theory of intentionality; T. Marvan, B. Bantegnie)
  • philosophy of science (the conceptual and methodological apparatus of natural sciences, functions of metatheoretical concepts like explanation, confirmation, model etc., the realism – instrumentalism dispute, the problem od demarcation, theory of probability and its aplications, philosophical problems of humanities and social sciences, philosophy of biology, medicine and immunology; V. Havlík, T. Childers, L. Kvasz, Z. Parusniková, M. Zach)
  • analytical aesthetics (theory of fiction, philosophy of literature, philosophy of fine arts, methodology of the history of art, dissenting attitudes towards art; T. Hříbek, T. Koblížek, P. Koťátko, V. Gvoždiak)

Besides that, members of the Department conduct research in analytical metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and history of philosophy. 

In addition to collective and individual publication results, they involve organization of regular international and interdisciplinary meetings (see Publications and Events).

Characteristics of individual research projects and their results can be found on the pages of department members.